Ekico - Ostéopathie vétérinaire pour chevaux

From the south to the north of France, Dr. Pierre-Louis Moor regularly crosses France to carry out his activity in veterinary manual medicine.
Veterinarian practitioner on a daily basis at the Occitania Clinic (Hérault, France), the dynamic veterinarian carries out the follow-ups of his horses in veterinary osteopathy in the Paris region every three monthes.

Between conventional medicine and alternative medicine

Ekico - AVETAO

A member of AVETAO (organization for continuing veterinary training in integrative medicine in France), Pierre-Louis focuses on the physical health of horses for leisure and sport, from young horses to older horses. During consultations, the practitioner alternates structural and tissue manual medicine.

Ekico - Ostéopathie vétérinaire pour chevaux
Dr Pierre-Louis Moor in osteopathy consultation

Other forms of veterinary medicine

In addition to these techniques, veterinary medicine can take other forms :

  • Acupuncture
  • Physiotherapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Chinese medicine...

Professionals thus complete their knowledge of conventional medicine with the wide range offered by alternative medicine.
The specializations are specific to each practitioner, according to their experience and sensitivity.

Ekico - Ostéopathie vétérinaire pour chevaux

Objectification in non-conventional medicine

Ekico - Ostéopathie vétérinaire pour chevaux

Less or even unrecognized by the scientific world, some practitioners exercising these complementary medicines seek to objectify their practice.

This is particularly the case for objectively monitoring the evolution of locomotion before and after the practitioner's intervention.

“The data of the connected horseboots (Tendiboots™) are a way for me to try to objectively follow the evolution of the locomotion of the horses that I follow. Has the locomotion improved, deteriorated, remains unchanged? The results of the device support or not my visual observations. They also sometimes highlight things that I had not detected by my clinical observations alone. I also enjoy working as a team with Morgane and Stéphane; they do not hesitate to come to the field to find out about our objectives, improve their equipment and provide impeccable after-sales service!” shares Dr. Pierre-Louis Moor with us.

Also on the other side of the Atlantic, the search for objectification by veterinarians in non-conventional medicine is strong, as evidenced by Dr. Kerry Pride in the follow-up of the sports horses (races and reining) for which she is responsible: “Tendiboots™ smart boots allow me to quantify the effectiveness of acupuncture and spinal manipulations on the horses I follow”.

Recently selected by the World Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (WATCVM), Dr. Kerry Pride will present her work with the Tendiboots™ system.

“I have used the Tendiboots with horses that I have performed acupuncture and chiropractic on and have been able to show improvement in their movement with this system.”

Ekico - WATCVM

Locomotion monitoring and analysis

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