Ekico - Ostéopathie vétérinaire pour chevaux

Veterinary osteopathy for horses

From the south to the north of France, Dr. Pierre-Louis Moor regularly crosses France to carry out his activity in veterinary manual medicine. Veterinarian practitioner on a daily basis at the Occitania Clinic (Hérault, France), the dynamic veterinarian carries out … Read More

Luca Moneta - Neptune

No horseshoes, threat or opportunity for the farrier ? The Luca Moneta’s view

Source : horse-academy.fr Luca Moneta ride in 5* level and participated to the biggest competitions in jumping. Called “UFO” by Grand Prix’s magazine, he is considered as an atypical horse-rider, by his ethological approach and his horses without shoes. We … Read More

Farriery conjugated in the feminine

The observation is growing within farriery training centers and schools: more and more women want to become a farrier, a job that is passionate, physical, and sometimes precarious. Overview of these women farriers thanks to the testimony of Sabine Valladas, … Read More

Veterinary practice, behind the scenes

Guarantors of the health of our animals, their status oscillates between admiration and skepticism. True heroes in the hours when they ensure life, they are also sometimes the chaperones of the last moments of our beloved companions… What emotional and … Read More

Meeting with Denis Leveillard

Meeting with Denis Leveillard, creator of the TDL and an experience of 50 years in farriery. It is with kindness and a certain frankness that he agreed to answer our questions 🙂 Farriery: What changes? Ekico : Mr. Leveillard, you … Read More

The essential role of the farrier by Bart Lambert

Interview with Bart, farrier in Belgium Support context Ekico : Hello Bart, thank you again for this interview on a particularly sensitive subject. You are a farrier and have been practising for about ten years now. During our discussions for … Read More

The place of the farrier in the barefoot era with Steve Foxworth

Interview with Steve Foxworth, Education Director of the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization (ELPO) Mapping and farriery Ekico : Steve Foxworth, you are the education director of the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization (ELPO) in the United States, you are also a … Read More

French farriers abroad: Spain

Going on an adventure, discovering new horizons, or even to respond to interesting offers, many French farriers go abroad. What are the good reasons for expatriation for a farrier? How do French farriers look abroad? What difficulties must be overcome? … Read More

Farrier of veterinary clinic

Does the job of a farrier change in a veterinary clinic? To find out, we spoke with Wim Bode, the referent farrier of the Equitom Clinic, in Belgium. Working with veterinarians and surgeons, intervening in very specific cases… Discover the … Read More

The farrier, this little-known equine podiatrist

Farrier practitioner for 16 years, freelance since January 2012, Florian Soldner works in eastern France. Experienced in taking care of classic, sports and orthopaedic horseshoes, this “Haut-Rhinois” farrier is an insatiable and surprising learner. Infiltration into the barefoot world with … Read More