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Horse Sacroiliac Pain

Detection of low-grade hind limb lameness can be challenging. How can locomotion data assist even the most experienced equine veterinarians in their expertise? Insights from Dr. Jürgen Bodamer, veterinary surgeon specializing in equine sports medicine & pre-purchase exams at West

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Training the dressage horse for the international level

True athletes, horses competing in international competitions follow well-established training routines. Insurance to put all the chances on your side and be physically and mentally ready for the challenges. To learn more about preparing the dressage horse at the international

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The eventing horses inside the French army

The eventing horse riding competition is THE equestrian discipline associated with the French army. But why ? This is what we wanted to discover in the company of Sergeant Armand, a military farrier in the military equestrian unit of Fontainebleau

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Equine atypical myopathy: when grazing kills

Why sharing Cali’s story? As an amateur and then professional rider, I evolved for several years on show jumping circuits and in high-level stables. At the time, I had never heard of the equine atypical myopathy (EAM), a poisoning caused

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Soldier and farrier

A soldier for fifteen years, Sergeant Armand is now assigned to the Military Riding School in Fontainebleau (France) as a farrier. Insatiable perfectionist, he opens the doors of this elite institution where the horse has all its letters of nobility.

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The farrier, this little-known equine podiatrist

Farrier practitioner for 16 years, freelance since January 2012, Florian Soldner works in eastern France. Experienced in taking care of classic, sports and orthopaedic horseshoes, this “Haut-Rhinois” farrier is an insatiable and surprising learner. Infiltration into the barefoot world with

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