Technologies for the health of horse locomotion

Our products are designed to increase the detection, treatment and monitoring of orthopedic and musculoskeletal problems in horses

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Detection of musculoskeletal disorders and locomotion monitoring, in the era of veterinary artificial intelligence

Tendiboots™ is the simplest assistant on the market for analyzing horse locomotion in seconds.
The front and hind connected boots work in association with a mobile application.
This Horsetech device is will integrate effortlessly into your equine orthopedic consultations.

Summus P⁴

Lameness, orthopedic pathologies and locomotor disorders treated faster with laser therapy

Not just a class IV therapy laser, the Summus P⁴ is a true technology platform that is redefining the therapeutic laser industry.
It will not only provide you with usage metrics but also will this tool help you in your practice on its extremely easy to use user interface.

Metron innovative imaging software

Detect abnormalities, document and illustrate your equine X-rays with the power of AI

Image quality, automatic recognition, optimal filter... the Metron AI relieves you from repetitive tasks.
This veterinary software performs the calibration, cropping, labeling, etc. of your radiographs automatically for you!
It is also compatible with most flat panel detectors if you want to keep your usual hardware.

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Ekico is a passionate team about equine health, veterinary medicine and technologies. We support equine veterinarians in their expertise through the introduction of new technological tools dedicated to horses.

Our team is made up of engineers, veterinarians, sales representatives specialized in the equine sector and artificial intelligence.

Do you want to increase your ability to detect, monitor and illustrate horse locomotor problems? Find out how with our equine technologies!

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