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Training the dressage horse for the international level

True athletes, horses competing in international competitions follow well-established training routines. Insurance to put all the chances on your side and be physically and mentally ready for the challenges. To learn more about preparing the dressage horse at the international

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Case of severe laminitis

Focus on the rehabilitation of severe laminitis following a case of severe lymphangitis. A rescue achieved thanks to the collaboration between farrier and equine veterinarian. Food, infectious, mechanical… the origins of laminitis The known causes of laminitis are varied. From

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Communication, at the heart of the veterinary profession

Technologies dedicated to veterinary practice are powerful assistants for equine practitioners. Assistance in the detection, prevention or monitoring of the rehabilitation of horses, objective data also considerably improves understanding between individuals. Whether it is during discussions with the rider/owner, or

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Inflammation of the podotrochlear bursa

Management in collaboration with equine veterinarian and farrier for the management of a horse with a navicular syndrome. Anatomical reminder: The navicular apparatus of the horse The navicular apparatus consists of the navicular bone (distal sesamoid bone), the sesamoid ligaments,

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The eventing horses inside the French army

The eventing horse riding competition is THE equestrian discipline associated with the French army. But why ? This is what we wanted to discover in the company of Sergeant Armand, a military farrier in the military equestrian unit of Fontainebleau

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