Detect and follow the evolution of locomotor disorders in horses

Veterinarian mobile application

Collect objective horse data in seconds thanks to the veterinary artificial intelligence tool Tendiboots™

Equine technology simplified

Quickly use your Tendiboots™ for either routine examinations or for complex lameness examinations as well as for your rehabilitation follow-ups.

AI at the veterinarian's service

Our artificial intelligence has been developed in collaboration with specialized equine veterinarians. Our data highlights the functioning of the horse's limbs and helps you in the early detection of locomotion disorders.


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Equine medicine connected with Tendiboots™

From customer illustration to diagnostic research

Tendiboots™ connected boots are a concentrate of technology with unparalleled ease of use. As simple and quick to put on the limbs as classic protections. This Horsetech tool works with a free mobile application, allowing you to check the biomechanical data of the recorded horse in a few seconds.

Tendiboots™ analyze for you each phase of the stride to help you detect the origin of a locomotor disorder.

The phases of the stride

Fetlock dropping

Help with early detections


Area of ​​expertise

Diagnostic research
Rehabilitation follow-up
Customer illustration
Underperformance prevention
Early detection of locomotor disorders

Technical details

1 month of battery life
Compatible iPhone and Android
Assistance 7 days a week
2-year warranty

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Testimonials from our equipped veterinarians

🇩🇪 Carsten Rhode, DVM
🇩🇪 Carsten Rhode, DVM
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Very handy tool I really like the Tendiboots™. I find them very handy and the biggest advantage to me is that they are very easy to use…put the boots on, pair them with the phone and they are ready to use. App is in constant evolution, if there is a trouble with the system the team is at disposal for support.
🇵🇹 Rodrigo Riba de Ave, DVM
🇵🇹 Rodrigo Riba de Ave, DVM
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Tendiboots data are particularly useful to me for fine and early detection. I know the horses that I am almost 100%, the gaiters are useful to guide diagnostic research in the last % that cannot be detected with the naked eye.
🇩🇰 Adrian Harrison, Pr
🇩🇰 Adrian Harrison, Pr
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Tested the new hind limb Tendiboots today, they work like a dream ! We did a Vet test alongside the Tendiboot™ App and both agreed on the result. 4 legs tested at once - 3 horses within 50 mins. Super easy and fun to use. Happy horses and happy owners. My Tendiboots were immediately borrowed by the other vets... thanks Ekico !
🇫🇷 Thomas Launois, DVM
🇫🇷 Thomas Launois, DVM
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I did not expect this, the Tendiboots™ sometimes push me to my limits. They can lead me to reinterpret my first observations and to specify the locomotor follow-up of my horses.
🇮🇹 Stefano Tassan, DVM
🇮🇹 Stefano Tassan, DVM
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Owners love it Good handling of the Tendiboots, these are easy to use and have good repeatability. Owners especially love the possibility of monitoring their horse, especially when returning to work after a period of treatment or after surgery.
🇺🇸 Rebecca Gay Evans, DVM
🇺🇸 Rebecca Gay Evans, DVM
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Excellent product! As a performance horse veterinarian, I am always looking for ways to spot asymmetries before they become bigger issues. The Tendiboots™ have integrated seamlessly into my performance evaluations. I use them pre and post diagnostic analgesia and even during spinal manipulation. Excellent product!
🇩🇪 Desiree Tack, DVM
🇩🇪 Desiree Tack, DVM
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Clever, easy, useful. Really nice tool to complete the lameness examination or the success of your orthopedic and/or chiropractical treatment

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