At Ekico, all our trips are an opportunity to meet our veterinarians equipped with technologies Tendiboots™.

During our trip to the Equitana 2022 veterinary congress, the Am Kottenforst equine clinic opened its doors to us. Small detour via Wachtberg in Germany.

Everything dedicated to the follow-up of the horse

As soon as you arrive, the check-ups of the locomotion follow one another.
The horses trot on the impeccable cobblestones, carefully observed by the chief veterinarian.
Return from CSI or follow-up of locomotion pathologies, each horse is seen in a personalized way. The accompanying rider/owner is listened to attentively.
It is in this context dedicated to locomotion that we meet Dr. Carsten Rohde.
However, the clinic treats the horse as a whole: internal medicine, emergency medicine, dentistry, gynecology, ophthalmology... are also provided in this establishment 100% dedicated to the health of the horse. The clinic is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

In addition to conventional medicine, the clinic also offers chiropractic therapy through Dr. Christiane Ionita, trained at the International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic (IAVC).

Source :

Carsten Rohde, DVM

Source :

The founder and director of the clinic is Carsten Rohde, DVM.

Graduated in veterinary medicine in Munich, he spent the first years of his professional life in the USA and specialized in surgery.

Graduated from the ACVS (American College of Veterinary Surgeons) and the ECVS (European College of Veterinary Surgeons), in 2006 he became the referent veterinarian of the German national eventing team.

Knowledge, experience & horse technology

In addition to his 30 years of experience in equine veterinary medicine, Dr. Carsten Rohde remains on the lookout for new tools developed in his field.
For example, the clinic has the EquiGait tool, developed by engineer Dr Thilo Pfau.
Formerly a member of the Royal Veterinary College, Dr Pfau specializes in the analysis of horse locomotion.
In September 2021, Thilo joined the Faculty of Kinesiology and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Calgary in Canada.

More recently, the Am Kottenforst Equine Clinic has also equipped itself with the connected horseboots Tendiboots™.
Quick to use in consultation, the device is useful as a comparison tool (monitoring, before/after nerves blocks).
It is also, according to the practitioner, a good client illustration tool to reassure or share with owners how the locomotion of their horses has evolved over time.

For these new tools, a learning phase is necessary in order to learn to understand the data and how they complement the visual observations of professionals, as evidenced by Dr. Stefano Tassan, Italian veterinarian equipped with the Tendiboots™ system:

Good handling of the Tendiboots™, these are easy to use and have good repeatability. Owners especially love the possibility of monitoring their horse, especially when returning to work after a period of treatment or after surgery. Data must be interpreted in addition to clinical observations, in some cases this may require learning. Once mastered, the data can be extremely useful (example of a case with lack of support of the suspensory ligament).

Pferdeklinik am Kottenforst logo

Find all the information of Pferdeklinik am Kottenforst :

Locomotion monitoring and analysis

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