Tendiboots™ during orthopedic examinations: What is the vision of horse owners?

This interview was conducted with Dr. Gonzalo de la Peña Gispert. Based in Ibiza, Spain, Dr. Gonzalo de la Peña Gispert specializes in monitoring horse locomotion and detecting lameness. Equipped with Tendiboots™ connected boots, he shares with us how this … Read More

The monitoring of a racehorse with Dr Kerry Pride

Dr Kerry Pride specialized her vet expertise at the race track. She works with the trainers to try to detect subtle changes before there is a lameness issue. The TendiBoots have really allowed her to expand and quantify horse movement … Read More

Horse locomotion analysis with the connected boots Tendiboots™

At the head of his own activity since 2007 (Horsevet Team), Dr. Riba de Ave travels around Portugal to ensure the follow-up of the sport horses in his charge. Passionate about the biomechanical functioning of the horse, he has integrated … Read More

Locomotor monitoring of showjumping horses

They tread the jumping competitions in Europe and internationally and yet their headquarters are here, in France! Focus on these traveling horses who compete at a very high level, and on the teams that accompany them. International horses Wrapped up … Read More

Equine clinic : Tierärztliches Kompetenzzentrum Karthaus GmbH

At the forefront of the latest innovations, the Karthaus GMBH Veterinary Competence Center is dedicated to horse health. The complex deals with all equine veterinary medicine: orthopedics, ophthalmology, intensive care, internal medicine, dentistry, and gynecology. Guided tour of this place … Read More

Ekico - Ostéopathie vétérinaire pour chevaux

Veterinary osteopathy for horses

From the south to the north of France, Dr. Pierre-Louis Moor regularly crosses France to carry out his activity in veterinary manual medicine. Veterinarian practitioner on a daily basis at the Occitania Clinic (Hérault, France), the dynamic veterinarian carries out … Read More

Visiting the Equine Clinic on Kottenforst in Germany

At Ekico, all our trips are an opportunity to meet our veterinarians equipped with technologies Tendiboots™. During our trip to the Equitana 2022 veterinary congress, the Am Kottenforst equine clinic opened its doors to us. Small detour via Wachtberg in … Read More

Curo and Tendiboots™ systems in horse asymmetries

Horse muscle activity & performance Ekico : Hello Adrian, Thank you for sharing your expertise with us, and in particular your practice of monitoring horse muscle activity. You are an Associate Professor in physiology with a special interest in biomechanics … Read More

Does each horse has a unique “gait signature”?

The biomechanical study of running is the subject of much research. The use of technical observation tools and measurements makes it possible to better understand the performance of the best athletes. These studies allowed us to discover that athletes have … Read More

Immersion in the Grosbois equine clinic with Dr Aude-Gaëlle Heitzmann

Nestled in the Paris region, the Grosbois estate is a major training center for trotting horses.An impressive complex of over 410 hectares with the culmination of the Grosbois equine clinic. Immersion in the veterinary clinic of the largest training center … Read More