Tendiboots™ canine

Detect and follow the evolution of locomotor disorders in dogs

Veterinarian mobile application

Collect objective dog data in seconds thanks to the veterinary artificial intelligence tool Tendiboots™ canine

Canine technology simplified

Quickly use your Tendiboots™ canine for either routine examinations or for complex lameness examinations as well as for your rehabilitation follow-ups.

AI at the veterinarian's service

Our artificial intelligence has been developed in collaboration with specialized canine veterinarians. Our data highlights the functioning of the dog's limbs and helps you in the early detection of locomotion disorders.


2-years warranty

As any other of our products, you benefit from a 2-years warranty


7/7 customer service

Supporting you integrating your tools is one of our major priorities!


Individual follow-up

We support you in getting started with your new tools.

Medicine connected with Tendiboots™ canine

From customer illustration to diagnostic research

Connected dog braces Tendiboots™ canine are a concentrate of technology with unparalleled ease of use. As simple and quick to put on the dog limbs as dog brace. This Dogtech tool works with a free mobile application, allowing you to check the biomechanical data of the recorded dog in a few seconds.

Tendiboots™ canine analyze for you each phase of the stride to help you detect the origin of a locomotor disorder.

The phases of the stride


Help with early detections

CrCL injuries
Hip dysplasia

Area of use

Diagnostic research
Rehabilitation follow-up
Customer illustration

Technical details

1 month of battery life
Compatible iPhone and Android
Assistance 7 days a week
2-year warranty

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Who are we?​

Ekico is a French company developing products dedicated to veterinarians since 2018. Initially devoted to equine, we have now adapted our products and offers to the canine market.

Do you want to increase your ability to detect, monitor and illustrate dog locomotor problems? Join our early adopters vets that are already using our device!

We are a passionate team about animals health industry, veterinary medicine and technologies. We support the veterinarians in their expertise through the introduction of new technological tools dedicated to horses and dogs.

Our team is made up of engineers, veterinarians, sales representatives specialized in their respective sector and in artificial intelligence.

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