Tendiboots™ canine

Detect and follow the evolution of locomotor disorders in dogs

Tendiboots™ canine is a dynamic analysis technology for dog locomotion

Easy to use, this device allows you to collect objective gait parameters in a few seconds during your consultations.

🇫🇷 Dr Jacquemin-Bietrix, AniCura Triovet

Quantify and objectify canine gait


The Tendiboots brings real added value to my initial functional assessment, both towards the client and towards the referring veterinarian.



They have the advantage of quantifying visible lameness (and then being able to monitor it), but also of highlighting a lack of support when we have the feeling that the animal is no longer/not limping.



This last advantage allows, for example, to know that it is necessary to continue the rehabilitation work a little longer, or to explore the anomaly observed by a thorough clinical examination and imaging.

Tendiboots™ canine, your ally for analyzing and monitoring the locomotion of your canine patients

Thanks to its ease of implementation, this tool can easily be integrated into your practice. Your connected technology consists of 4 sensors and a mobile application.


Helping in detecting asymmetries and lameness, monitoring the evolution of locomotion over time, sharing information with veterinarians and owners…


Tendiboots™ canine adapt to different breeds of dogs from 7 to 70 kg.

Discover Tendiboots™ in video! 🎥


2-years warranty

As any other of our products, you benefit from a 2-years warranty


7/7 customer service

Supporting you integrating your tools is one of our major priorities!


Individual follow-up

We support you in getting started with your new tools.

🇬🇧 Donna Sidebotham, Animal physiotherapy LTD

Tendiboots™ sets up very quickly. A few minutes of walking are enough to get the dogs used to it and you are ready to start your analysis!



The bands adjust very quickly to the different dogs I have on duty and they ignore the system.

Receive 5 locomotion parameters in just a few seconds

🇩🇪 Dr Andrea Földy

A great tool!


Easy to set up and use. The dog gets used to the tool very quickly.


Tendiboots provides objective data on the dog’s locomotion and even highlights a very slight gait imbalance.


Works even at minus 8 degrees!

Validations with Tendiboots™ canine

Scientifically validated and high-performance sensors

The Tendiboots™ dog locomotion analysis tool is made up of scientifically validated sensors.


Used worldwide in veterinary and human medicine both in clinical practice and in research.

Mobile application with veterinary artificial intelligence

The Tendiboots canine application is made up of algorithms and artificial intelligence trained on thousands of recordings.


Specifically dedicated to the recognition and analysis of dog locomotion, the capabilities of your mobile application are constantly kept up to date.

Learn more about our research work

🇫🇷 Elsa Bouhours, ostéopathe animalière

The data collected by Tendiboots offers me interesting perspectives as an animal osteopath specializing in the monitoring of sporting dogs.


This tool allows me in particular to:

🇦🇺 Dr Steve Denley, Balance Veterinary Care

Good new technology.

I really enjoy this product. This seems to give me consistent results that match my clinical findings. The learning curve was relatively quick.


This system is so affordable compared to other products that give the same data.


New users should be aware that you will need a flat area of at least 10 to 14 meters for walking medium to large dogs in order to obtain actionable data.


There are currently studies that show that accelerometer data (as used with this product) correlates well with force plate data. It would be nice to eventually see a study comparing Tendiboots to a force plate analysis.


Many thanks to the support team – exceptional even at 15,000km.

Who are we?​

Ekico is a French company developing products dedicated to veterinarians since 2018. Initially devoted to equine, we have now adapted our products and offers to the canine market.


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