French farriers abroad: the United Arab Emirates

Go on an adventure, discover new horizons, or to respond to interesting offers, many French farriers move abroad.

What are the good reasons to emigrate for a farrier? What look abroad on the French farriers? What difficulties must be overcome?

Let’s meet Anthony Rodia, who has taken the plunge!

Ekico : Anthony, you are the manager of Al Bouraq Horse Supplies, based in Abu Dabi. To begin with, what was your training?

Anthony : In terms of diploma, I classically passed a CAPA (french diploma) then I improved my skills by obtaining my BTM (french diploma) in 2006 at the french school, CFA du Comminges. My apprenticeship was carried out in France within different companies, then I worked as an employee for two years.

In 2008, I created my company in France, and it was in 2012 that I left for the United Arab Emirates! (UAE)

Ekico : Why this choice of countries? What were your reasons for leaving? Is it difficult?

Anthony : It was a period of my life when I asked myself a lot of questions. I wanted to change air, to see other horizons. In 2011 a place was offered in the UAE, where I went to give it a try, but it didn’t work. Nothing serious, because I still had my business in France.

On the other hand, it allowed me to discover the country, thanks to the French farriers there. The following year, in 2012, I was offered a new opportunity in the same country. My friends encouraged me to go. Not having really an attachment in France at that time, I took the plunge! I didn’t think I would stay there so long, let alone create my own company!

The country has allowed me to work with high level horses, especially in show jumping (2 * to 5 * / JEM / Asian Games, etc.), and also with quality Arabian horses, mainly for the Show discipline.

Also, expatriation allowed me to really learn English as well as other languages and cultures. Seeing for yourself what is really going on elsewhere can sometimes be more objective.

On the other hand, it is certain that one should not be a homebody and not fear the distance, especially with family and friends. Unfortunately, this requires making concessions, it is also a lifestyle choice. Fortunately, technology allows for incredible regular communication.

Ekico: A bet that seems successful for you, both professionally and personally. What advice would you give to farriers who hesitate?

Anthony : Do not hesitate, go for it, because it is a unique experience that brings a lot of maturity. Even if expatriation is not for you, you will still be able to return home whenever you want. I usually say that before judging, you have to try!

Ekico: The message is clear! And what reputation do the French farriers have in the Emirates?

Anthony : The French farriers often have the coast, thanks to the schools and the level of training that we have. The trainings are regularly updated and very complete. This recognition is not valid only for the UAE.

Thanks to expatriation, I really got a taste for travel! This is why with my former CFA professor of Gourdan-Polignan, who became a faithful friend, Nicolas Guilliot, we have decided to combine the useful with the pleasant, and pass on our know-how and our open-mindedness.

We are therefore traveling to countries in need, to help local farriers progress and improve their daily lives in terms of results, ergonomics & animal welfare.

We regularly visit and share our experience within Pakistan, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, and many more.

Ekico: You are a real man of the world! Do you sometimes miss France?

Anthony : I feel caught between two fires. Yes, I miss the closeness with my family and my friends… But much less the mentality of the French people! (laughs)

Ekico: A big crush for the foreigner... What is your final word on your French expat experience in the Emirates?

Anthony : My experience is a part of my life that I will never regret, for the world. It taught me so much professionally, and especially humanly in terms of openness, hospitality and respect for others.

When I have the opportunity to watch certain movies (in my third house, the plane, (laughs)), I often identify with myself and remember all those great stories. I’m lucky to be able to tell them to my children. Perhaps one day, this will help them find their own balance and I especially wish them that he is like me, free to be able to live off their passions!


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