French farriery school : St Hilaire du Harcouët

Between training, education and competition, the Lycée agricole de la Baie du Mont Saint-Michel is highly renowned!

Students sometimes travel hundreds of kilometers to come and learn the basics of farriery. Immersion within the CFA - CFPPA of Saint Hilaire du Harcouët.

Infrastructure 100% dedicated to learning farriery

The establishment is open to all: young people wishing to pursue a job as a farrier, adults aspiring to a career change, or even experienced professionals looking for continuing education.

For the training of its learners, the establishment consists of six rooms each equipped with four fixed coal forges. No less than eight stalls are also available to students for their training in shoeing! The farriery workshop covers an area of 1500 m2. During 2021, the workshop also acquired new technical and technological tools such as, for example, a treadmill for analyzing the gaits of horses, or the Metron hoof analysis software.

Between the french diplomas : CAP in two to three years, BTM 1 and 2 or adult training, more than ninety students are trained each year by this farriery school.


In addition to the material investment, St Hilaire also has a team of fifteen trainers.

Practical lessons such as hippology, administration, practical English and, of course, technical training in farriery are taught there.

No less than five farrier trainers are specifically dedicated to passing on their knowledge. A definite added value for the school, as evidenced by one of the students in BTM2:
"I come from the north of France but, for all that, it was in St Hilaire that I decided to come and train. Its good reputation and its quality of teaching convinced me!"

The opinion is also shared by a student of adult education:
"I come from Bretagne, it's not very far. But it was not geographical proximity that guided my choice, I chose this CFPPA for its excellent reputation and the material investments it devotes to our training. We train on traditional coal forges and gas forges. That's a plus for me. The pedagogy is really good, too. I think the exam is more demanding for adult training than in another establishment. As a result, I come out of this teaching with a better foundation and a better level, in my opinion."

The teaching team is constantly improving and is made up of: Philippe Brault, Frank Tabac, Stéphane Bréhin, Nicolas Castello and Laura Sallé.


In 2012, Stéphane Bréhin visited the very headquarters of EponaMind, in California! For the occasion, he met John and Monique Craig, the founders of Metron hoof measurement software. The Americans also developed a range of horseshoes, the Eponashoes, then adopted in France by Stéphane.


Ten years later, Stéphane is still continuing his learning by participating in particular in the training of Stefan Wehrli and Julien Houser: the WEPA training (Wehrli Equine Podiatry Academy)

Farriery, and more

In addition to training dedicated to farriery, the Lycée agricole de la Baie du Mont St Michel also offers general, technological, agricultural and equestrian courses.

It also has an equestrian center open to the public where official competitions at Club level are organized in endurance, show jumping and dressage. Approved by the french organism : Fonds Assurance Formation, the establishment offers training courses which can benefit all installed farriers, at a rate of 50 hours per year.

These training courses can be taken care of for the continuing education of working professionals, on different topics, such as cutlery, the manufacture and/or maintenance of tools, etc.

More info : To follow all the news of the Lycée Agricole de la Baie du Mont St Michel/St Hilaire, go to their pages FacebookInstagram !

Hoof tracking and analysis

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