The collaboration between equine veterinarians and farriers

It is not a surprise, horse locomotion and good hoof health are closely linked! The farrier takes care of the trimmings and the follow-up of the shoeing, while the veterinarian ensures the proper locomotor follow-up of the horse and assesses … Read More

Analyzing limb malformation with Alexandre Legrand

New challenge for Alexandre Legrand, farrier from the North of France (59), and the Equitom equine clinic (Belgium). Essential for the health, well-being and performance of horses, the collaboration between farriers and veterinarians is always interesting to analyze. Focus on … Read More

French farriery school : St Hilaire du Harcouët

Between training, education and competition, the Lycée agricole de la Baie du Mont Saint-Michel is highly renowned! Students sometimes travel hundreds of kilometers to come and learn the basics of farriery. Immersion within the CFA – CFPPA of Saint Hilaire … Read More

Management of serious tendon injuries by the farrier

Article proposed by David Grandjean, Swiss farrier since 2006. Lesions of tendons and ligaments in horses, a brief summary Unfortunately, tendon / ligament injuries are quite common in horses. They can be of various origins. As for example following a … Read More

The management of severe laminitis by Halbout Maréchalerie

François Halbout, farrier located in Normandy (27) is specialized in the management of serious orthopedic pathologies such as: laminitis, navicular syndrome, clubfoot, hyperlaxity in foals, etc. He gives us his time to share his experience with the management of severe … Read More

Club foot management: feedback from Pierre-Henry Thebault

Pierre-Henry Thebault, farrier working in Savoie (73), was called in for the management of clubfoot on a Pure Spanish breed mare. How to understand and manage this limb conformation fault? A strange phenomenon is repeated within the breeding where Pierre-Henry … Read More

Prepurchase examination, the farrier’s point of view

The prepurchase examination is complete and rigorous: from the tip of the ears to the end of the tail, everything is carefully studied! This examination is the responsibility of the veterinarian, essential step in order to put the maximum of … Read More

Fitting & Trimming: what responsibilities for farriers in France?

“Catching up on poor hoof management is very complicated and can have many consequences, do we realize that?” Farrier acts can involve risks of complications: horses difficult to handle, risk of injury, lameness, etc. In which cases is the responsibility … Read More

Alongside Elian Matéo, farrier

Today, we put on the protective shoes of Elian Matéo, a farrier by trade, to learn more about the daily life of these professionals. A personal point of view that he shares with us with humility, to answer our questions … Read More