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Alongside Elian Matéo, farrier

Today, we put on the protective shoes of Elian Matéo, a farrier by trade, to learn more about the daily life of these professionals. A personal point of view that he shares with us with humility, to answer our questions

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Tendiboots™ data and hindlimbs issues

Adrian Harrison, is an Associate Professor in Physiology at Copenhagen University with a special interest in biomechanics & rehabilitation. He is the inventor of the Curo system designed to detect the performance level of a horse’s muscular system. This tool

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objet connecté accueil publuc

Connected tools, are veterinarians welcoming?

Connected objects are more and more established on the market. Help tools for professionals and individuals, they offer the possibility of having more precise and objective data in just a few clicks. Nevertheless, the veterinarian remains the essential interlocutor of

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