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Farrier of veterinary clinic

Does the job of a farrier change in a veterinary clinic? To find out, we spoke with Wim Bode, the referent farrier of the Equitom Clinic, in Belgium. Working with veterinarians and surgeons, intervening in very specific cases… Discover the

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The farrier, this little-known equine podiatrist

Farrier practitioner for 16 years, freelance since January 2012, Florian Soldner works in eastern France. Experienced in taking care of classic, sports and orthopaedic horseshoes, this “Haut-Rhinois” farrier is an insatiable and surprising learner. Infiltration into the barefoot world with

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French farriers abroad: the United Arab Emirates

Go on an adventure, discover new horizons, or to respond to interesting offers, many French farriers move abroad. What are the good reasons to emigrate for a farrier? What look abroad on the French farriers? What difficulties must be overcome?

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