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Curo and Tendiboots™ systems in horse asymmetries

Horse muscle activity & performance Ekico : Hello Adrian, Thank you for sharing your expertise with us, and in particular your practice of monitoring horse muscle activity. You are an Associate Professor in physiology with a special interest in biomechanics

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Meeting with Denis Leveillard

Meeting with Denis Leveillard, creator of the TDL and an experience of 50 years in farriery. It is with kindness and a certain frankness that he agreed to answer our questions 🙂 Farriery: What changes? Ekico : Mr. Leveillard, you

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The essential role of the farrier by Bart Lambert

Interview with Bart, farrier in Belgium Support context Ekico : Hello Bart, thank you again for this interview on a particularly sensitive subject. You are a farrier and have been practising for about ten years now. During our discussions for

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Management of serious tendon injuries by the farrier

Article proposed by David Grandjean, Swiss farrier since 2006. Lesions of tendons and ligaments in horses, a brief summary Unfortunately, tendon / ligament injuries are quite common in horses. They can be of various origins. As for example following a

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Does each horse has a unique “gait signature”?

The biomechanical study of running is the subject of much research. The use of technical observation tools and measurements makes it possible to better understand the performance of the best athletes. These studies allowed us to discover that athletes have

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