More accuracy for innovative vets


More accuracy for innovative vets


of surveyed vets consider data from new technology device as an opportunity

Instrumentalized boots with mobile app
Include an artificial intelligence software.
Communication using Bluetooth.
Rechargeable batteries by micro USB port.

Gives you objectives data such as :

  • Fetlock extension
  • Stride power
  • Durations
  • Impact power
  • Load asymmetry
  • Quick and easy
  • Non-qualified staff can use the boots
  • You diagnose with more data
  • Complete your expertise with technology
  • More informations in less time
  • Prototype
  • Design
  • Today
  • AI trained
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Ekico allows the practitioner to quickly assess a lameness on a forelimb and to follow its evolution. A useful tool easy-to-use, it can be easily integrated into control exams.

Roland Perrin, Owner and Partner at Clinique Equine Desbrosse

Ekico is promising ! Prevention is always better than cure. The boots they are developing fits perfectly with this perspective.

Pr Denis Verwilghen, Associate Professor at University of Sydney

I had a demonstration of the Ekico system and the ease of use seems very good. Data analysis needs to be further simplified to address non-research veterinarians but the boots really interest me.

Hanne Frenkel, DVM physio independent

A new device for the rehabilitation of horses. I used it for race horses, they even make it possible to quantify the differences in tendon elasticity between healthy and injured ones!

Victoria Mercader, DVM independent at Toulouse

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