Orthopedic monitoring and locomotion of the horse in the digital age

They have already equipped themselves

Ekico assist you in the follow-up 3.0

1. Equipping yourself: objectivity coupled with your knowledge

Experience, know-how, 100% human qualities that we can not do without.
Boost your skills with the accuracy of instant and reliable technologies.

2. Use: human assistance to take
advantage of the best of technologies

Ekico accompanies you from A to Z in setting up
the use of your expertise in the digital age.

3. Enrich: More understanding
for better results

Accompany professionals and owners to go further in the same direction and
in the care of the horse. Moving forward together towards the desired results.

Riders and owners corner

Need care products?

Because your horse's care does not stop at our follow-up technologies,
Ekico partners and distributes leading brands in horse care.

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