Does each horse has a unique “gait signature”?

The biomechanical study of running is the subject of much research. The use of technical observation tools and measurements makes it possible to better understand the performance of the best athletes.

These studies allowed us to discover that athletes have their own gesture*, identified as a real signature.

Could these observations apply to equine athletes?

On a set of similar horses, would each have their own “gait signature”?

Thanks to our research, we were able to get a beginning of an amazing answer. On a panel of 12 sport/leisure horses randomly tested, the Ekico smart boots were able, in 92% of cases, to identify which gait corresponded to which horse.

On more than 1,000 recordings, the artificial intelligence developed for our smart boots, was able to determine more than 9 times out of 10 the locomotor signature specific to each horse.

This preliminary information shows us a very strong potential, in terms of early detection of locomotor disorders and rehabilitation follow-up in sport horses.

*: Biomechanical study of running - F. Leboeuf, F. Achard de Leluardière, P. Lacouture, J. Duboy, F. Leplanquais, A. Junqua


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