Scientific research and validation

We have always attached great importance to having our products validated by professionals who are experts in their fields.

They support our work

Ekico is in partnership with multiple referents in veterinary medicine. They support us on a daily basis in the development of our products and regularly test our prototypes. Their expertise is at the heart of our approaches.


To always innovate

Our products are innovative and pioneers in their fields. Our algorithms are developed exclusively for our products and Ekico has created a technology that is now patented.


Thanks to a multidisciplinary team

Our team is made up of university professors, veterinarians, engineers, designers who collaborate to create reliable and essential tools for your practice of tomorrow.


From research to the field

Our mission is to guarantee you the precision and reliability of the world of research and to transpose them to your daily practice in the field.


To certify our research

Whether in the context of scientific research or in the context of veterinary theses, publication is for us a strong recognition of our work.

Our scientific publications

New intelligent sensor system in horseboots to assess loads applied to the distal limb of horses
Pr Jean-Michel Vandeweerd
Reliability evaluation of Tendiboots connected gaiters to study locomotion in horses.
Pr Jean-Michel Vandeweerd
Study of the effectiveness of smart boots in evaluating the vertical ground reaction force and the rigidity of the horse's forelimbs
RVC London
Pr Roger Smith

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