June 17, 2018

Use case : Tendinitis followup

Use case : Tendinitis followup


At Centre de la Belletière

Horse, 5, Race



Diagnosed with a tendinitis of the SDFT on the left forelimb

This infographic illustrate the results obtained after a followup of almost two months after it was putting in rest in the rehabilitation center

The injured forelimb was really thickened at the beginning, resulting in a high disparity between the two forelimbs. Days by days, the gap between them got reduced until J+49 when the locomotion was really good.



  • J-0 : The left (blue) forelimb really thickened. The fast dropping of the left forelimb indicate an urge to release the weight put on it as quickly as possible.
  • J+9 : Recorded after a session in the Spa in cold water during 30 minutes. Compared to when the horse just got out of its box, we can see here that the horse is more confortable putting and keeping weight on his left forelimb because the upper part of the left curve is more stable (not a peak then dropping quickly).
  • J+39 : SDFT is slightly deformed and a little bit hot. Low sensitivity to pressure. Scan showed a SDFT thickened with a central heterogeneous zone without hematoma and slightly distended fibers. At this time, the locomotion of the horse at walk was judged OK by the veterinarian.
  • J+49 : The symmetry we get from the Tendiboots is now looking good.

J-0 correspond to our initial test when the horse started walking again. Before that, the horse had already spent 3 or 4 weeks in full rest in its box.

Every recordings were made just after the horse got out of the box. Except for J+9 when the horse has been in the Spa just before.

The top graphics represents the gait of the horse while the bottom ones represents the overall amplitude of the strides.


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