Morgane Gérout-Juban


Former professional horse rider in international jumping stables. She is in charge of the network of Ekico and its development.

Stéphane Juban


Computer science engineer specialized in the architecture of real-time and embedded systems. He worked in the world MotoGP championship.

Dr François Bagaïni

Head of research

Veterinary surgeon specialized in immunology, virology and bioinformatics. He is also a data scientist, a double expertise very rare in France.

"Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher"
Oprah Winfrey

They get involved in innovation

Pr Roger Smith

Professor of Equine Orthopaedics, RVC

Dr Roland Perrin

Owner and partner at Clinique Equine Desbrosse

Pr Denis Verwilghen

Associate Professor, University of Sydney

Pr Allen Goodship

Professor of Orthopaedic Sciences, RVC - London

Pr Jean-Michel Vandeweerd

Professor of Orthopaedic, UNamur - Belgium

Dr Jean-Claude Ionita

DVM, Equine Specialist at

Dr Marc Koene

Owner and partner at Tierklinik Lüsche

Dr Thomas Launois

DVM and partner at Bailly Veterinaires

Dr Victoria Mercader

Independent DVM in Toulouse area, France