Scientific Research

A novel smart sensor system in boots to assess loads applied on the distal limb of horses

Stéphane JUBAN, Morgane GEROUT-JUBAN, Anna AIMAR, Marco BRANNI, Jean-Charles LARRIEU, Bernardo INNOCENTI, Jean-Michel VANDEWEERD


Summary :

The data from the boots were well correlated with the loads applied, with a R² of 0.8976 and 0.9752 for respectively, an invrease and a decrease of the force. Similarly, it was well correlated with the dropping of the fetlock (R² = 0.9042) and with the dorso-palmar displacement of tendons and ligaments (R² = 0.85). The skin had no influence on measurements.

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Investigating the effectiveness of the Ekico tendon boot in assessing vertical Ground Reaction Force and Limb Stiffness in the Equine Forelimb

Thady Voorspuy, Roger K. Smith

Summary :

The Ekico© tendon boot has shown that it can accurately measure changes in vertical GRF within a limb, and the differences in limb stiffness between limbs. This opens up the possibility for an exciting new technological advancement in assessing lameness and monitoring recoveries from SDFT injuries; further testing is required with lame horses.