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salon du cheval

Why do they use our tools?

My farrier and my veterinarian both have access to my horse's follow-up file and can consult it before each intervention.

This makes it possible to ensure with precision that the horse does not go beyond the limits that it could withstand (declaration of lameness in particular).

Above all, it allows us to intervene early at the slightest sign of deterioration before it is too late.
Rider pro2
I prefer to focus on prevention rather than waiting until there is a problem before doing something.

Use the measurement tools to precisely go further in this prevention as is already the case in many sports.

I use these tools to ensure a longer sporting career for my horses while preserving their physical integrity.
International rider
I see exactly what my farrier is doing and where he wants to go in managing my horse's hooves.

It allows me to understand the evolution of my horse, to get involved and participate in the work of my marshal.

It is imperative that my horse is well on his feet and in his locomotion to be able to achieve results in competition.
Amateur rider

Concrete case with the marshal
Mathieu Moreau

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