Equine vets, what is your biggest concern?

Many thanks to all equine veterinarians who have been able to share with us, their vision about their activity.

Forty Doctors and Professors answered our form, from thirteen different countries. The majority of them dedicate a significant part of their activity to the examinations of the locomotion.

Thanks to them, here is a sample of the thoughts that some of your colleagues have around the world :

Why these concerns ?

The reasons to explain their choices of concerns, mentioned the difficulties to:

  • Find qualified staff :
    • Find staff that fit in existing team
    • The location
  • The financial challenges :
    • Poor remuneration
    • The lack of financial support
    • The heaviness of fees
    • The low investment and lack of means from companies/organisms
  • The overload work :
    • The time spent driving from one customer to another
  • The relationships with clients :
    • No explanation given
  • Complementary skills :
    • Interest in clinical practice and not in complementary skills
    • High technical value but difficulties in business skills
    • The lot of time to spend for
  • Teaching :
    • The difficulty of teaching


At Ekico, we are keen to understand the context in which equine veterinarians evolve and the difficulties they face in their professional practices. We hope that the new technologies will facilitate some problems of equine veterinarians in advancing towards a common goal of improving the health and performance of the sport horse. All of these troubles turn the veterinary profession stressful as highlighted by
The Merck-Henry Schein study.


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