Presentation of the Ekico system to Dr Hanne Frenkel

“The ease of use seems very good. The data must still be able to be attached to clinical cases for use by non-research veterinarians. These boots really interest me, the ideal would be to have the measurements of the 4 feet. I see potential for this device.” – Dr Hanne Frenkel

The results obtained during this session were able to indicate normal patterns of the horse studied. In coherence with its history and the visual examination of Dr. Frenkel.

The horse has been followed for a year and has osteoarthritis in the right hock.
Dr. Frenkel’s visual diagnosis indicated asymmetry on the right hind limb that was trailed. This visual diagnosis was perceptible at trot.

Measurements indicate a higher load on the left anterior visible by the system from the walking phase, as well as a longer load time for the same previous.

The load / push indicators are reversed in walk and trot, a common phenomenon in horses studied to date.


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