tendinitis should not be a problem anymore

What we do

We offer service to help you monitor the tendon's health of your horses. Here is how.

Tendi boots™

We have developed an unique connected boots based on human research and already used by athletes across the world.


We collect data from multiple sensors inside the boot that enable us to monitor the tendon, its health and its fatigue.


Our algorithm will analyse the data and compare them to our database to detect any abnormal behaviour.


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Let us assess your horse's tendon status
Everything you need to know about your horses' tendon.

Tendinitis is the most common injury for sport horses, and with up to 80% of recidivism and no other choice than rest to heal it, we must take action before it's too late.

It is imperative to identify potential abnormal behaviour from the tendon to avoid any risk of injuries. It is also necessary to determine how tendons respond to a variety of exercices as monitoring may reduce the risk of injury.

How it works?
Ekico allows measurements of important characteristics related to tendons. Our algorithms and our database enable us to determine any abnormal behaviour.

  • Lameness detection
  • Tendon fatigue
  • Rehabilitation
  • Prevention

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